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Taurus International Revolvers for Sale

Taurus International is the American subsidiary of the Brazil-based manufacturing company Forjas Taurus, and is also known as Taurus USA. The Taurus company manufactured its first revolver in 1941 and has built on its reputation for quality revolvers that are also affordable.

Firearms for You is pleased to offer several models of Taurus International revolvers, such as the popular Model 94 small frame revolvers, as well as Model 94 standard revolvers, both of which use 22 LR ammo. Or how about trying the Taurus International Model 82 “Homeland Security” medium revolver, a favorite of security personnel that’s available in both .38 special and .357 Magnum versions?

We also offer Model 617 compact frame revolvers, Model 605 small frame revolvers, and Model 608 large frame revolvers – and that’s just to name a few. From the petite Taurus Model 85 revolver to the Model 454 Raging Bull large frame revolver, there’s a Taurus revolver to fit every kind of gun owner.

We also carry several accessories for your Taurus International revolvers that can help you get the most out of them. Our Accessories section contains cleaning kits and tools for Taurus revolvers and all your firearms that will help you keep your handguns, shotguns and rifles working dependably and accurately for many years to come.

Once you’ve chosen your Taurus revolver, be sure to visit our ammo section and stock up on plenty of ammunition for your Taurus revolvers and all your other firearms. We carry ammo for all the Taurus handguns we sell.

Revolvers are some of the most easy to use and reliable handguns, and Taurus International revolvers add affordability to usability. Firearms for You carries almost 100 different Taurus revolvers, including several models and variations on those models, so you’re sure to find a Taurus revolver that’s right for you.