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Sig Sauer Tactical Rifles for Sale

SIG Sauer GmbH of Germany is the parent company of Sig Sauer Inc., and according to the company, Sig Sauer firearms are used by a third of all U.S. police. Sig Sauer is a well-trusted brand when it comes to any kind of firearms, and their tactical rifles are no exception. Firearms for You is pleased to offer several Sig Sauer tactical rifle products. Choose from several variations of the Sig Sauer M400 AR-15 semi-automatic tactical rifle, which is an accurate and very popular choice for competition, military operations or law enforcement purposes.

We also carry the Sig Sauer Sig522, which is California-approved and has a 10-round capacity. The Sig522 is based on the full-sized Sig556 and gives the sport shooter the look and feel of the Sig556 in a smaller size and a more affordable 22 LR caliber. The Sig522 also boasts Sig556 parts and features, such as a Swiss-type folding stock and polymer forend and a durable metal receiver with integral Picatinny rail.

Firearms for You carries a wide range of Sig Sauer semi-automatic tactical rifles at every price point, from the budget-friendly but high quality Sig522 to the more high-end Sig50 – a long-range bolt-action tactical rifle with muzzle brake, bipod bolt and a variety of extra features.

We also carry ammo for all the Sig Sauer firearms we sell, so visit our ammo section to stock up on ammunition for your Sig Sauer tactical rifle and all your firearms. And see our Accessories section for cleaning kits and tools for Sig Sauer tactical rifles to keep them working dependably for decades to come.

Firearms for You has a large selection of Sig Sauer tactical rifles to fit your needs and budget, so browse our Sig Sauer products and choose the precision tactical rifle that’s right for you.