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Mossberg & Sons Inc. Tactical Shotguns for Sale

The Mossberg & Sons Inc. tactical shotguns we sell are made for civilian use, but they are based on the pump-action shotguns used by the military and law enforcement. So you know they’re great for your home defense needs.

Firearms for You carries several of Mossberg’s 500 series of pump action shotguns. One of our very popular models is the Mossberg 500 JIC (Just in Case) pump shotgun. This 12 gauge shotgun features a pistol grip and comes in a waterproof, resealable heavy duty synthetic carrying case with a nylon strap.

Firearms for You also carries several Mossberg series 590 Special Purpose shotguns, as well as the 930 series of Mossberg’s semi-automatic tactical shotguns. Whatever you’re looking for in a tactical firearm, you’ll find it in our large selection of Mossberg tactical shotguns.

We also carry several accessories for your Mossberg tactical shotguns that can help you get the most out of them. For example, our Accessories section contains cleaning kits and tools for tactical shotguns and all your firearms that will help you keep your firearms working dependably and accurately for many years to come.

But even with an amazingly accurate tactical shotgun, it’s hard to shoot what you can’t see clearly. Firearms for You can help you with all the optics you need for use with your Mossberg tactical shotgun. Check out our large selection of gun sights, scopes, red dot scopes, laser scopes, bases for optics, binoculars and night vision products. We also carry gun rests, slings, bipods and tripods for use with our Mossberg tactical shotguns and all our shotguns.

And of course, we carry ammo for all the tactical shotguns we sell. After you choose the best Mossberg tactical shotgun for your purposes, visit our ammo section and stock up on plenty of ammunition for it and all your firearms.