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Gun Magazines for Sale

It’s always good to have a spare magazine or two for each of your favorite handguns and rifles, especially when you want to make sure your guns work for you in a self-defense or home defense situation. Firearms for You understands that need, and that’s why our online gun store carries several types of gun magazines for the most widely-used rifle and hand gun models.

Some of the gun magazines Firearms for You offers include 9mm magazines in 10 or 14 round sizes, 8 round magazines for the 1911 45 Automatic Colt pistol, magazines for AR-15s in various sizes such as 10 round and 30 round capacities, a 10 round magazine for the STG-44 22 long rifle, and many more. If your gun uses gun magazines or gun clips, there’s a pretty good chance we carry the size and type of spare gun magazines you need.

Our gun magazines are manufactured by reliable firearms and ammunition companies such as Armalite, American Tactical, Beretta, Browning, Glock, Smith & Wesson and several others. These high quality gun magazines are made with precision in mind to ensure that you’ll have the ammunition you need, already loaded and ready right when you need it.

And depending on the model of gun they are designed for, our gun magazines come in different colors and finishes like black finish, blued carbon steel finish, blued finish and gray finish to perfectly match your pistol or rifle.

So when you need a spare gun magazine or a replacement gun magazine for your favorite rifle or pistol, shop Firearms for You first. You’ll find just what you need in our wide selection of gun magazines, and at a price that allows you to stock up so you’ll always be ready to defend yourself, your family and your property.